GAK “Pod” Intake and Jet Kit


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The Gonzo Air Kit, or GAK/Pod Kit, has been around since the V-Star 650 was introduced. It is one of the most effective and budget friendly intakes for the 650. With an open exhaust and the GAK, you can expect to see an increase in performance by 15 percent.

This is a convenience kit and provides all the pieces you need to upgrade your air intake and rejet your bike except for the air filter. It moves your air filter from the right side of your bike (inside the chrome bagel) and places the filters on top of the carburetors.  The kit includes the following:

  • 1 Crankcase Breather Filter
  • 2 Sets of Main Jets (4 jets total. Either 130s, 127.5, or 125)
  • 4 Shim Washers
  • 16 Stainless Steel Allen Bolts to replace brass screws
  • 1 Hose Clamp
  • 1 Allen Wrench
  • Free Shipping within the United States

To complete the kit, you will need two 48mm pod filters. K&N (RU-2760) or Emgo filters are recommended. Do not cheap out on the air filter!

Note: Rejetting your main jets is different for everyone depending on your exhaust and altitude. We offer three different Main jets sizes: 125, 127.5, and 130.

If you are unsure which jets to get, please view this link

If you are ordering a set of Wrye Pipeworks exhaust, 130s are usually the correct size. With all other exhaust, either 127.5s or 125. Feel free to email or text/call with any questions.

Additional information

Main Jet Size 1

125, 127.5, 130

Main Jet Size 2

125, 127.5, 130